Arooooo! Roooo! (thats wolf for "New WoW Race")

Arooooo! Roooo! (thats wolf for "New WoW Race")

So, the web and the blogs are awash with news about the WoW expansion.

My reaction?

Worgens baby! Worgens!

Apart from the chance to play a “werewolf “, what impresses me most about the upcoming expansion is how it deepens and broadens the existing game. This isn’t another ten levels with unattainable endgame content (10/25 raids or PvP arenas).

It revamps of the old world (i.e. content from Vanilla WoW, pre-expansions), allowing the developers to go back and rework zones and quests using the technology and lessions they’ve learn’t over the past five years.

Players who have left WoW are bound to return. Existing players have more to do. New players will have have more options. Casual players who reach level cap, and who don’t raid/PVP, will have something to do.

The cynic may say it simply recycles existing content. In my mind it brings the old world back to life. There’s a reason to be in the old world, it’s not simply a place to level your character through as quickly as possible.

More importantly it changes the world. Old zones will be revamped, goblins go from being a neutral faction to allying with the Horde, the Worgen is unleashed…

Change is coming to WoW. Can that be a bad thing? Nah.

What else caught me eye?

Guilds will have levels! Guild levels will become the new way to judge your success as a player. Being part of a high level raiding guild will have more meaning, as it get to show off your uber-leetness to all and sundry. WAR had this, and it gave your guild tangible rewards. Sure, Blizzard is adopting the innovations of it’s competitors. So what? If it makes WoW a better game, ¬†then it can only benefit the player.

Dead Mines is back baby! Looks like DM is going to be dusted off and spruced up as a Heroic Dungeon. I like! One of the best instances is going to have life breathed back into. Expect trade chat to be filled with the following:



New artwork – both the concept art and walk throughs – we’ve seen is up the usual WoW standards: brillliant. Gilneas¬†looks like an amazing zone already.

We need content, not another hero class

Not much QQ for me so far… though there has been some talk about how another hero class was not added.

Personally, I’m pleased another hero class didn’t go into the game. Why? Who was not frustrated with the endless round of nerfs/buffs/talent point resets made for the sake of class balance.

No doubt the addition of a new class created a lot of work for the developers. Adding races that utilise existing classes is simpler to implement.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a DK and enjoy playing them. But I’d rather have more zones, content and instances. Seriously, who want’s to run another character through 85 levels of the same content?

Roll on Cataclysm!

The attraction of entering an online world is immersion. Cataclysm look’s set to give old, existing and new players lots more to enjoy. So, let’s hope Blizz meets it’s 2010 launch date.