Well, the posts have stopped for a reason… I’m going to close up this blog.

Overall, I’m pleased with the result: some good stats, and clearly people enjoyed some of the content. Some posts I’m pleased with, others weren’t so good.

But really, it was an experiment in attempting to put out content on a regular basis. I’m thinking of creating another one, but with a different theme/subject. Two reasons I’m closing up shop here:

1/ In the end, I think there are other blogs out there doing a better job talking about MMOs in general. Tobold, Biobreak, Keen… all great blogs and well worth reading.

2/ Time – I have barely enough time to play one game, let alone more and write a blog.

Still, it was much more of a success than I hoped for. Watching the blog stats climb from a few a day to hundreds was great.

Thanks for stopping by, hoped you enjoyed your time here.