My ticket on left, bloody gold farmer on right... take that!

My ticket on left, bloody gold farmer on right... take that!

So far my time in Aion has been terrific. I’m really enjoying the starter zones for both the Elyos and Asmodians. But there is a little black cloud hovering over Atreia’s horizon… gold farmers have descended on Aion like a plague of spamming/whispering locusts.

The chat channels have been rendered useless thanks to the gold farmers. I’ve also received numerous “whispers” from farmers.

Gahhhhhh! Bloody gold farmers!

Sure, I blocked their names and even reported one by using the in-game ticketing system. But letting gold farmers sit in a trade channel and nuke it with spam FOR HOURS is f**kin ridiculous. Come on NC Soft, there are plenty of ways to restrict their actitivities!

Take a leaf from Blizzard’s book: they understand how a players experience can be ruined by gold farmes.

Blizzard gives their WoW players a simple tool to help police these buggers. While in-game, I can select on a gold farmers toon, right click and select a “Report Spam” option. The moment a little gold farmer pops up in General or Trade Chat, I’m right clicking.

Allowing players to police gold farmers behaviour is a simple and powerful way to keep them under control.

Sure, gold farmers are a fact of life in MMOs… however at present they’re casting a dark cloud over the enjoyment of players such as myself.

Phew, there’s today’s quota of nerd rage.