Jeebez, I’ve got four MMO clients sitting on my hard drive! Yes, you can have too much of a good thing:

  • Aion – downloaded for Beta, waiting for Australian launch this month
  • Dungeon & Dragons Online – downloaded DDO client over the weekend since it went F2P. Have been testing the Paladin class.
  • Warcraft – been playing for four years, this one ain’t going anywhere
  • Warhammer – still there, but I have not logged on for six weeks… hmmmmm

Do I only play MMOs?

It would seem so. I really don’t play any other PC games. Nor do I own a gaming console. I tried Fall Out 3 earlier in the year, and enjoyed it. But I missed the interaction with other players. I brought Empire Total War earlier in the year, but the client was so damn buggy it kept crashing. I love the Total War series, but my disappointment with such a buggy product put me off the game. I’ll go back to Empire over the summer, when there should be sufficient patches available to ensure it’s stable. Oh, and I have some more free time.

So, I really need to focus my energies. What are my options?


Waiting to see of this one lives up to the hype that’s been currently generated. Curiosity about what I’ve seen/heard and the chance to explore another MMO is what compels me to keep this one on the hard drive.

DDO experiment

I downloaded DDO to conduct an experiment: comparing and contrasting the Paladin classes of DDO and WoW. Rather than doing a strict review of DDO, I thought it would be fun to play both games from the newbie Paladin perspective. First article in series soon.


I’m committed to WoW. Still offers the best all round gaming experience of all the MMOs I’ve played.


What to do, what do… (drums finger on table). I’ve not been inspired to log back into WAR. I’m not sure why, but nothing is really compels me to return. My poor little Warrior Priest is languishing in Tier 2, unloved and unplayed. I may go back this week to see if I’m inspired by the game once again. If not, well…

Yes, there can be too much of a good thing

Given DDO has gone F2P and has the potential to offer me some gaming variety I just may have to say goodbye to WAR. Time to cull…soon.

Gosh, how many fantasy based MMOs can a person play? As a gamer I’m really spoilt for choice. All of these games have their charms. Yet realistically I can only dedicate time to two games. Even a single MMO represents a sizable commitment.

WoW will stay, no argument there. DDO has potential as it’s free. Of the other two, have to wait and see. Simple economics may dictate the outcome. Really, more than two monthly subscriptons fees is too much.

It’s got to be wee elves and dragons…

But I will stick to worlds offering dragons and wizards. Other themed MMOs simply don’t interest me:

  • Space, meh.
  • Super heros? Eek!

Damn it, give me a sword a shield anyday.