Like he said... ya can't always get want ya want.

Like he said... ya can't always get want ya want.

In the words of some very wise men (Rolling stones): “You can’t always get want you want….”

Sometimes things just don’t fall into place like they normally should. Sometimes your not in the zone. Sometimes you make mistakes. And sometimes people can’t always get what they want.

Take last night…

I stepped into the raid leader role for my Naxx ten man a few weeks ago as no one else wanted the job. Given my experience of raiding can be at best described as limited it’s a big role to take up. But what the hey, I’m up for a challenge!

Unfortunately we had a someone /gquit over not getting a raid spot. It was my call not to take them as I had fourteen people and ten spots to fill. Given they were DPS, I had to take heals and off tank over them. My raid, my call.

But it seems you can’t please all of the people all of the time.


Following my call they quit the guild.

It was unfortunate, and I hate seeing anyone leave our little community. But in my estimation quitting over a Naxx run is an overreaction. For the rest of the run I was a bit rattled.

It’s stressful enough herding ten WoW players into a raid and while trying to get the right group composition. Getting people to start in a timely fashion, getting them summoned, buffing and assigning MT/OT and other roles is an effort. Raid leader is not the most fun role, and I’m glad Blizzard will be paying attention to raid leaders and rewarding them in the next expansion. It really can be a thankless task.

So it has to be fast run – I’ll take the best players who will be there on time. One of the most frustrating things in WoW is how long it can take to form a group for an instance or raid run, so I’m keen to get things started.

Having formed our little raid team we set out to kick some boss booty.

We started military quarter and got to the Four Horsemen (4H) pretty quickly, but to be honest I was “off” my game.

My DPS was down, I was not popping my trinkets and was sloppy in my attacks. During the 4H fight and I caused a few raid wipes (facepalm). I’d switched from Ret to Holy to help in the fight… but the combination of being a newbie healer, being rattled and being in this fight for the very first time meant I was really “off my game”.

Yes, it happens to all of us. At least fellow guildies very, very understanding.

Next instalment I hope: we clear Military Quarter.