Finally I’ve gotten around to dual speccing my WoW paladin. My off spec? Holy. That’s right I’m stepping into the healing game.

Have glow stick thing, not afraid to use it.

Have glow stick thing, not afraid to use it.

It’s been sometime since I focussed on healing, as I levelled Retribution (melee DPS) and left the healing to others. But watching the nice healing gear drop in Naxxramas and musing over a second spec I thought “Why not? Healadin it is”

Plus, the game is always short of healers and it broadens my game experience. I’m pretty comfortable in understanding the DPS role know: kill things and try not to die along the way.

Tanks and healers are the essential party members. DPS has far less responsibilities in a raid or instance. Now that I’ve got a fair chunk of raid and dungeon experience under my belt I’m more comfortable extending myself and trying the healing role. Watching other healers has inspired me as well.

My plan is start healing some Trial of the Champion normal instances… baby steps. Should be fun spamming Holy Light and Flash of Light over and over. 😉