Number one with a bullet

The article the seems to generate the most interest is my exploration of how WAR failed.

Week after week it’s gets the hits. Good to know this one has some life. Good to know what interests people as well.

I’ll be shifting the emphasis of the blog more onto the games themselves and less on my personal ruminations on life, the universe and everything. Less EMO, more analysis commentary sprinkled with my usual wit, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

My blogging heros

While I may not be a games designer or journalist, I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it. This is what I love about the whole Web 2.0, Age of Facebook and interwebz. The ability of us amateurs to publish.

It was reading other MMO inspired blogs that got me thinking I’d give it a go. Some of these include:

There are quite a few others as well, but these are some of the ones I try and read everyday, and if your interested in reading other MMO blogs I’d recomend them. Plus, they’ve been around longer than and have a larger reading audience. One day, one day…