Despite it’s flaws, WAR is still a pretty solid MMO (end game being one of the most serious issues needing to be resolved). My previous post discussing the failings of WAR may have left the impression the game is a total failure. I wouldn’t say it is: there is still much to commend about WAR. It’s innovative features are impressive, and will no doubt find their way into many future MMOs.

If I had to sum up my opinion it would be this: WAR tried to be too innovative. It wanted to be both PvE and PvP king. The developers should have concentrated their efforts in making it either the best theme park MMO or the best PvP MMO.

I suspect commentators will look back and see WAR for what it is: a good MMO that just fell short of true greatness.

Very close in fact.

Top notch art work

However I still continue to play WAR. I’ll list my reasons for in further posts, however one of the reaons I still enjoy WAR is the art work:

Very, very cool.

Very, very cool.

One of my Destruction alts in that factions starter zone. Great atmosphere, great visuals. These guys are evil. And it sure as hell looks like it. The whole feel of WAR is that of a world in conflict:

Can you say "atmospheric"?

Can you say "atmospheric"?

Here’s Augusteena patrolling Troll Country. Bodies litter the ground everywhere, war camps are stuffed with men and supplies as if about to head off to battle. Mythic’s artists certainly nailed the look of Warhammer. The world looks as one think it should.

One of the reasons I toyed with cancelling WoW was it’s cartoonish, pastel themed art work. I understand it’s graphics engine is over four years old, and there is only so far you can push the graphics. Still, WoW’s art direction is brilliant.

But WAR’s art has the grittiness that WoW lacks, which is befetting a MMO that once claimed “War is everywhere”.