How hard is it to get service? Hmmmmmmpfh!

How hard is it to get service? Hmmmmmmpfh!

Dear Comrades of the Ebon Hold,

It’s been several weeks since my last note, a fact which I feel some embarassement. However my time has not been wasted. I’ve come to the place called “Out Lands”. A rather intereting place, with a wide varity of local wild life and persons to kill.

Most amusing indeed.

However, what does not amuse me is the poor level of customer service at many of the inns, hotels and eating establishments. One can sit at a table for hours while the bar staff simply stand there, umoving and saying nothing. Apparently, one must seek them out and ask them. And then they will offer you a rather poor selection of food and beverages for outrageous prices! By all that is unholy, I had to contain my self from swinging my rune forged sword in their direction!

Luckily I recalled we are no longer evil, and that such slaughter is frowned upon. Greaves the Ghoul noted I had a problem with “anger management”.

Please find enclosed a picture of me at Honor Hold in the charmingly named Hellfire Peninsula. You will note I am not enjoying the local cuisine. I sat there for two hours before appreciating the staff are no better than imovable statues.

One hopes the service is better at Shattrath City, though I’ve heard mixed reviews.


Augustblade, Knight etc. etc.