Becoming that guy…

My goal in WoW at present is pretty simple: cause as much damage as possible.

My main, Augustine the Paladin, is retribution spec. Which means in a raid or instance I need to bring as much damage to the table as I can. So for two weeks I’ve conducted a extensive reseach program. What gems improve my stats, what gear do I need to track down, what elixers boast my hit power and overall DPS…

Dear God! How much pain can I inflict on a AI controlled computer mob? I wan’t to crush their virtual bones to make virtual bread!

Will all my hardcore, nerd research pay off?

Will all my hardcore, nerd research pay off?

Yep. I’m one of those guys fretting over their numbers. That’s me folks, a WoW cliche.


WoW boot camp

I never really gave much thought to the underlying mechanics of any MMO. I focussed on levelling , which really is a fairly easy route. I was best described as a virtual tourist. Off to see the sights and have a chat. I created multiple alts just to see the other starter zones.

The so called “end game” never really called to me.

“Oh yeah, you all go run a dungeon for four hours instand of one right?”

A raid is more akin to a chess match, but with 10 or 25 people trying to play on the one team. What you bring to the group can make a difference. After a few runs you know who is working hard, learning and doing their homework and who isn’t.

Sure, there are those who will claim the WoW end game is “easy”. That really, noobs like me should be coast through this. Well, yes and know. I’ve had to understand the game on a whole new level. WoW makes it easy to solo to level cap. But once you get there, your looking for things to do that are interesting. There’s PvP, raiding or collecting vanity pets.

I went raiding, because I’ve never done it.

I’m a noob, and I’m enjoying the experience of being one.

So called l33t raiders forget that my experience is more typical of your average MMO player. With only a few hours to spare each week (yes, per week not every day!), casual players are focussed on short term goals. Finishing a few quests, or upgrading that weapon from a green to a blue.

The thought of dedicating you whole week to raiding the same dungeon? Really? Come one guys, you must be joking right?

First all you need the time.Secondly you need to actually know what your doing.

For that dear readers, you need to work your virtual butt off.

And that is where the fun has been these past few weeks. Reading about the boss fights and game lore. Knowing more about my class and what I can do if I apply myself. Reading the debates about this spec, or that spell rotation.

All hearty nerd-fun.

WoW + Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour = Fun

If my raid group was playing indoor cricket, and we never trained and played week-after-week only to lose every time, we”d all get frustrated and give up. WoW end game is a bit like that. You need to “train” to raid. Run your five mans at heroic level and get some decent gear to get in there.

The last four weeks has been about me getting ready to raid. Having never experienced end game, I’m enjoying the learning experience. The more I look at the underlying mechanics of the game, the more fascinated I’ve become.

It’s not the levelling that matters anymore. It’s what I do in that two hours in Naxx that matters most.

So, yeah, I’ve become that guy. But only for a little while.

I promise.