In conjunciton to Augusteena’s postcards from Warhammer, Augustblade the Draeni Death Knight is currently touring Azeroth and Outlands. First in his regular series of updates as he tours this corner of the metaverse.


The journey of self discovery begins!

Dear Comrades of the Ebon Hold,

Death means nothing to us.. but even a Death Knight needs to take a holiday!

At the suggestion of our resident therapist, Greaves the Ghoul, I have embarked upon an extended sojourn of the lands of Azeroth and Outlands. It would seem that I have over extended myself, and after the Battle of Lights Hope Chapel I found myself lethargic and run down. Even slaying enemies seemed a joyless task. As you may well appreciate, a Death Knight that does not enjoy the tasks of dismembering, torturing, beheading and killing is not in touch with his true self.

Greaves suggested I needed some “me time”.

My answer to which was “Phrased correctly, should you not say I need some “you” time?”

Grammar is important, and even though I understood the gist of his suggestion it is important that we pay attention to the details. Not clearly stating orders can mean life or death on the battlefield. I provided Greaves with an example: imagine ordering a battalion into battle with the command “Me charge over there!” when one means “You charge over there!”.

Greaves was emphatic at that I go on leave immediately. And so I have. I asked a ghoul to take this picture of me as I depart. I’m not sure where I will go, however go I must.

Yours in humble service etc.

Augustblade, Knight of the Ebon Blade (Esq.)